Basic Information
Aliases Austuril Liadon

Aust Silverfrond

Pantheon Unknown
Home Hall of the Hunter, Silver Reach
Former home(s) Fernhollow, Thessan
Gender Male
Race 1/2 Silver elf

1/2 Copper elf

Class Cleric


Portfolio Retribution, Grief, The Hunt
Primary Cleric Domain Grave
Secondary Cleric Domains War, Nature
Holy symbol Green and black arrows pointing down, White arrow pointing up
Date of birth Unknown
Date of accension Unknown
Date of death Unknown

Level Hero deity
Alignment Usually Neutral Good

Occasionally Neutral Evil

Favorite item Unknown
Austuril Liadon was a mortal follower of the elflord Solonar. The soul survivor of his lineage, and the last known living silver elf. His adventuring life was spent seeking revenge on the dark elf cults after discovering that his family was sacrificed to Valotha the Venomous. After decades of travelling with his companions, massive battles culminated with the death of multiple demi-gods, his patron deity Solonar included. He briefly made a pact with the elven god Selendra the Assassin who was seeking allies to avenge Solonar. During the reordering Selendra too was killed and Aust was trusted with the freed sparks of his former patron and his ally, Selendra.

Aust as a mortal priest of Solonar.

Liadon is considered the patron of copper elves and is one of the most commonly worshiped powers in the Silver Reach. His worship extends from Thessan to Olgun Quisir and even has individual worshipers in Findle. He has no organized church or hierarchy, knowing full well the reasons why mortals turn to him for guidance.

The portion of himself that was Aust Silverfrond is now one of three. His strength of will allows him to retain Independence, but not constant control. His containment of two sparks and his high number of worshipers puts him on a level above most other hero-deities, however, his personality constantly shuffles between the solitary Hunter, the heartless Assassin and the grieving Priest, leaving him mentally crippled and less active in the world

He is the current holder of the Spark of Despair and the Spark of Gratitude.

Liadon is famed as the wielder of the longbow Celebmeleth.

Liadon's father was a priest of Solonar named Evindal.

Order of the Bow


Aust after the death of his god, and oath of vengeance.

the Order is a faction of copper elf bounty hunters within the cult who enact acts of vengeance on behalf of Liadon. These copper elves consider such contracts to be holy crusades and heads collected through just acts of retribution are particularly prized by them.