Cynnas Bark

Cynnas bark

Cynnas Stick

Cynnas sticks

Cynnas is an opioid drug derived from the treated bark of the cynnassan tree found natively in southern Hul. The drug is often powdered and mixed with other herbs before being dried and rolled into sticks called cynnas sticks.

Cynnas sticks are burned like incense and fill the air with a sweet semi-cinnamon scented smoke causing numbness, drowsiness. In large quantities it can cause paralyzation, comma or death.

Cynnas is illegal in Findle and Thessan, but is common in Olgun Quisir and Hul. Danasia imports large quantities of cynnas from Olgun Quisir.

A single cynnas stick costs 2 sp in Findle. Thessan and Morat Ras, 5 sp in Danasia and 5cp anywhere else.