Daellethan Bloomhollow
Basic Information
Aliases Daellethan Keniryn


Home Wingar
Former home(s) Traveler
Gender Female
Race Painted Elf
Class Ranger


Patron Liadon
Date of birth 15 V
Date of death Hopefully a long way off.
Age 142
Level 7
Alignment Neutral Good
Favorite item Unknown
Aside from living in Wingar and being an old friend of London, Dael speaks little about her past. She claims that she was found by a perian caravan in an abandoned campsite as a child and was adopted by the Bloomhollow family. She was raised by these halflings until her slow elven aging proved an emotional hindrance and she left to find more of her kind. She eventually settled in Findle among a sizable population of drow and sun elves, to which she felt more comfortable.

During her travels, she came into contact with several copper elves and began to secretly venerate the demi-god Liadon. She kept her faith and practices private, only telling her husband and close companions until joining Blackwell's crew, when her position as priestess of the Lord of Retribution became publicly known.

Dael is a painted elf, a race of wood elves that was thought to have died out during the Age of Dragons. She seems less aloof than the typical wood elf amd is talkative and sincere, inquiring pleasantly about others but rarely speaking about herself beyond a few engaging stories about guiding caravans through the scrub-land and deserts of Southern Findle and Olgun Quisir. She has a quick, dry sense of humor and a sure-footed confidence that flirts with cockiness.

Daellethan is married to the drow gunsmith Imzaeras Keniryn and has a mixed-heritage son.

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