Centuries ago, Findle alchemists and Danasian weaponsmiths created the first dragon powder weapons. Starting with fireworks and simple bombs, cannons were soon developed although firearms remained rare until the fifth age. Large Dragon powder cannons were a dominant weapon of war until the end of the fourth age when a series of costly wars between Findle and Danasia caused mass economic collapse and the decline of the Findle Alchemical Academy.

The creation of dragon powder became a close guarded secret and only experienced alchemists and gunsmiths produce it, some more skilled than others. Dragon powder is a dangerous substance that commonly causes accidents costing users and producers their lives.

Firearms are uncommon weapons even for military characters. They are incredibly expensive when compared to other ranged weapons and are rarely seen in the hands of common peoples. Firearms are considered as exotic or martial weapons depending on the age, while grenades, smokebombs, and flares are considerably easier to use and are treated as simple weapons in every age.


Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Blunderbuss 300 gp 4d4 bludgeoning 5lbs Alerting, ammunition (range 10/30), heavy, slow-loading, two handed,
Cavalier 1500 gp 1d12 piercing 5lbs Alerting, ammunition (range 30/90), heavy, slow-loading
Dragon 150 gp 2d4


3lbds Alerting, ammunition (range 10/30), slow-loading
Musket 500 gp 1d12 piercing 10lbs Alerting, ammunition (range 40/120), heavy, slow-loading, two handed
Pistol 250 gp 1d10 piercing 3lbs Alerting, ammunition (range 30/90), light, slow-loading
Grenade 150 gp 3d6 piercing 1lbs Alerting, explosive (thrown), 20 ft radius DC 15 Dex check half
Powderhorn 35 gp 3d6 fire 2lbs Alerting, explosive 10 ft radius DC 12 Dex check to avoid
Small Powderkeg 250 gp 7d6 fire 20lbs Alerting, explosive 10 ft radius DC 12 Dex check to avoid
Smoke Bomb 15 gp none 1lb Explosive (thrown), 20 ft radius of obscured vision
Flare 5 gp none 1lb Explosive (thrown), 30 ft radius bright light, 10 rounds


A short-barreled, two handed firearm with a flared muzzle, used at short range. The Blunderbuss is one of the cheapest and most simple firearms and therefore one of the most widely available. They use shot as ammunition.


A large and expensive pistol primarily used by the wealthiest soldiers of Findle. Cavalier pistols are designed to use Flash Cartridges as ammunition but can also fire regular bullets.


A pistol version of the blunderbuss, the dragon is the simplest and cheapest firearm available. They use shot as ammunition.


A large, two handed firearm with a long barrel. Muskets have much longer range than other firearms. They are designed to use bullets as ammunition, but can also be loaded with flash cartridges.


A small firearm designed to be held in one hand. Pistols are one of the more common firearms. They are designed to use bullets as ammunition, but can also be loaded with flash cartridges.


A small, fused, dragonpowder bomb thrown by hand. Grenades are very simple and reliable.

Smoke Bomb

A bomb that emits dense smoke as it explodes, used to produce a smoke screen.


A type of bomb that produces bright light for approximately one minute when lit.


Powder horn

Powderhorns contain enough powder for 20 shots. Setting fire to a powderhorn results in an explosion, however it is not powerful enough to deal damage unless it is completely full.

Small Powder keg

Small powderkegs are approximately 10 inches high and contain enough powder to fill 6 powderhorns. They deal normal damage when they are full, and 3d6 fire damage until they are half empty, at which the explosion is not powerful enough to deal damage.


Bullets are small polished lead spheres sold in leather pouches. 20 bullets cost 5gp and weigh 2lbs.

Flash Cartridge

These bullets are wrapped in alchemically treated wax paper cartridges and include their own pre-packed powder charge. Generally faster and easier than using standard powderhorns and bullets, they are completely waterproof and reduce the reload time from Slow-Loading to Loading. A package of 5 flash cartridges cost 10gp and weigh 1lbs.


Ammunition for the blunderbuss and the dragon, shot is a mix of small irregular lead bullets. It is much cheaper to produce than standard bullets and is sold in leather pouches. 10 uses of shot cost 5sp and weigh 1lbs. On occasion, pebbles or coarse sand can also be used if the more reliable lead shot is unavailable.



Dragon powder weapons are incredibly loud and emit large large volumes of smoke, instantly alerting all bystanders of the users location. 


Reloading this weapon takes a full round action. Because of the time required to load this weapon, you can fire only one piece of ammunition from it when you use an action, bonus action, or reaction to fire it, regardless of the number of attacks you can normally make.