Dwarves or Khazar in their language, were a stout race of humanoids native to Ord. They highly value the ties between family members and friends, weaving tightly knit clans. Dwarves particularly respect elders, from whom they expect sound leadership and the wisdom of experience, as well as ancestral heroes or clan founders. This idea carries on to relations with other races and dwarves are deferential even to the elders of another, non-dwarven race. Likewise, dwarves, perhaps more so than most other races, turn to the titans for guidance and protection. Non-evil dwarves look to the divine for comfort and inspiration, while the wicked look for methods through which to obtain power over others. Individual Dwarves might be faithless, but the race as a whole, regardless of subrace, has a strong inclination for religion and almost every community maintains at least one Empyrean church or temple.

Most Dwarven societies are divided into clans built along family ties and political allegiances. These clans are usually led by hereditary rulers, often monarchs of a sort and descended from the founder of the clan. Dwarves strongly value loyalty to these rulers and to the clan as a whole and even objective Dwarves tend to side primarily with their kin over other races or communities. Most Dwarven clans focus on one or two kinds of crafting, such as blacksmithing, jewelry, engineering, or masonry. Dwarves strive to avoid overspecialization by sending some of their youth as apprentices to other clans, which also helps to foster racial unity. Because of the long age dwarves exhibit these apprenticeships may last decades.

Dwarves do not forgive past wrongs easily and the entire race has more or less declared war on goblins and orcs as a whole, wiping them out where they find them. Many Dwarves view these races as a foul infestation of their homes and their duty to purge them. Few Hill Dwarves have forgotten their ancestral hatred of the goblins who once enslaved them. Because of this Dwarves generally view related races, such as half-orcs, with distrust.

Dwarves get along pretty well with gnomes, with whom they share a love of fine crafting, and passably with Humans, half-elves, and Halflings. However, most Dwarves commonly believe that true friendships can only be forged over long periods of time and a common saying is that “the difference between an acquaintance and a friend is about a hundred years,” meaning that few members of the shorter-lived races ever forge strong bonds with Dwarves. There are exceptions, however, and some of the strongest friendships are those between a Dwarf and a human whose grandparents and parents were also on good terms with the dwarf.

Dwarves are divided into several subraces. Long ago a terrible plague ravaged the Dwarven homeland and only three clans were known to have escaped the grim fate of their people.

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