Findle City

Capital City, also known as Findle City, Royal capital of Findle

Findle City is the capital of the Kingdom of Findle . The city was founded as a fortress to protect caravans traveling from Wingar. When the Ibyth Empire was destroyed by Lyttas, fort Findle became integral in defending the sparse human settlements from the Ibyth goblinoids. As the fort grew, a city formed around the walls and as the years went by, more and more rings of walls were built to encompass the growing cityscape.

Findle City is comprised of 4 ringed sections. The outer ring is comprised of forts and small farms, the second ring is homes and small markets, the interior ring is comprised of merchant estates, larger businesses and the Royal Alchemerium. The inner most ring is the royal palace, cathedrals, noble estates and the kings market.

Findle City supports a population of approximately 250,000 people and consists of 80% Humans, 10% Dwarves and 5% Elves and 5% other races.


The streets of the Capital City

Sun Elves, Drow and Goblinoids.

Due to steward Arundel Shay opening the country's borders, Findle City supports a sizable population of uncommon races. Drow living on the surface since the fourth age have been effected by long term exposure to the surface light and are now known as Sun Elves, while Goblinoids living in Findle are still viewed with suspicion resulting from their common rejection of Empyrean law and veneration of Daern the Dutiful.