Captain Gianni Wingar
Basic Information
Aliases Bear-Captain
Home Wingar, Findle
Former home(s) None
Gender Male
Race Human, Findleite
Class Fighter
Patron Empyrean
Date of birth 122 V
Date of death Yet to be seen
Age 35
Level 8
Alignment Lawful Good
Favorite item Unknown
Gianni was the third son of Portolamaine Wingar, the patron of house Wingar. He was the guard captain of Wingar and general of Wingar's militia in 157 V.

Gianni towered over most other humans, standing eye to eye with the tallest copper elves. He was known by his nickname "Bear-Captain" due to his large size and wild rumours that he once engaged in hand-to-hand bear wrestling for the entertainment of copper elf headhunters. He openly admitted that he had never seen a live bear and doesn't know how these rumours got started, his scar was given to him by an Ishtari lynx, not a bear.

Gianni was known for his physical might and his military prowess, but was not particularly witty or well versed in the sciences. He despised dragonpowder weapons and refused their use. He wielded a powerful two handed sword rumored to be enchanted and said to be able to cleave a brass ships cannon in one swing.

Gianni was one of Terron Blackwells peers, and although Terron often call him a friend, he was always suspicious and hesitant to embrace the relationship.