Grundta Steelbraid
"Let them come. They will break upon my shield like a wave upon the Windwall cliffs."
Basic Information
Aliases Lord Inquisitor

Inquisitor Steelbraid

Home Meles, Findle
Former home(s) Derrohar
Gender Female
Race Hill Dwarf
Class Cleric / Fighter
Patron Azogun, Empyrean
Date of birth 85 V
Date of death 158 V
Age 73
Level 6
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Favorite item Unknown
Grudta Steelbraid is an Empyrean Lord Inquisitor. She is notably fond of "reforming" heretics.

While violent action is not supported by the church, Findle's High Inquisitors tend to overlook her actions due to her lineage. Grundta's great grandfather was Gruntal Brightstone, Grand Inquisitor at the time of the Azogun civil war. Her grandfathers dedication to the Church over the cult of Azogun has allowed his line special treatment by Church officials in hope that she will one day take over as Grand Inquisitor.

She often refers to herself as "a mortal agent of Azogun's will" but was quick to correct this to "a mortal agent of the church's will" when questioned.

She is hot headed and does not take time to contemplate her actions, instead, preferring move in quickly and establish a dominant foothold on the battlefield.

Late in 157V she signed on to a Church sponsored mission to New Illden to negotiate for aid from Thessan.

Grundta stood her ground against cultists and dragons but met her end to a basilisk in the Duregar city of Magh Kuldohr. Her petrified remains lay undisturbed, buried by Dael and Alistyre at the bottom of a sandbar near the lake.