The people of Findle are masters of trade and shipping. Findle was built on the ruins of the ancient goblin empire and served as a pirates den between Morat Ras and Olgun Quisir. The country soon swelled as farmers flooded to the temperate climate and mithral was discovered in the Meles area, eventually becoming the kingdom known in later ages.

Findle is officially a monarchy ruled by the Holt royal family, although in practice, the country operates more like a theocracy ruled by the Empyrean Church with the king as head of the church. Conflicts between church factions and heretical cults have been a major disruptive force for centuries even leading to the loss of the king and the four century long rule of Arundel Shay as steward. As a result, the people of Findle have little distinction between church government authorities.

During the rule of the steward Arundel Shay, the country was opened to monstrous races like orcs, goblins and drow and alchemical weapons were developed. The world owes the introduction of dragon-powder weapons in part to the alchemists of Findle. Subsequent wars with Danasia and the hobgoblin empire has taken its toll on the people of Findle and the monarchy teeters on the edge of economic ruin. This repeated hardship has forged the citizens of Findle into daring explorers and shrewd businessmen, always looking to improve their station.

The average Findleite is between 5'8" and 6'2". Many Findleites have a non human ancestor thanks to the large number of exotic peoples in Findle and as a result, there is no common Findle archtype.