The Quisiri are a relatively young people. Their cities arose out of the oasis on the trade routes between Findle and Hul. Quisiri culture is rife with political intrigue as wealthy merchant families constantly look to usurp each others businesses. The Quisiri have a stranglehold on trade with Hul and Ta'un as these cultures have few ports and rarely sail the stormy southern seas. Several centuries ago, the capital of Olgun Quisir was supposedly destroyed by rampaging blue dragons and the culture as a whole has been declining ever since. Findle offered assistance to the Quisiri by rebuilding Olgun Quisir and now most of its citizens consider themselves citizens of Findle. Quisiri often worship Rhiannon or Frey but many see Ygritte as the patron of their people and join her cult. The cult of Anmaru is also headquartered in this desert, but few humans would venerate the sterility of the desert.

Quisiri are overall similar to Findleites in appearence, generally having a slightly darker complexion and hair/eye colour.