Human noble families are the ruling bodies of most human cultures. They are not strictly divided by region but do base themselves in certain cities. They generally rule through influence, wealth or martial power. Not all noble families have these things though and some lesser noble houses are not widely known. These are a few of the most influential human families in Ord.

Western Noble Houses

BlackwellPort CallahaxPort DrakesonPort FelsparkPort HalyronPort HellslayPort HemetPort HeratPort HoltPort LamperovPort LegaultPort OlAlkirPort ShayPort StanislavPort WingarPort WynstPort

Danasian Clans

Ban1 Bo1 Chi1 Dan1 Do1 Go1 Han1 Jin1 Jo1 Kim1 Lo1 Man1 Ong1 Tan1 Tang1 Wan1 Wang1 Wei1 Wi1 Zhin