Pahlin Holt
Pahlin Holt
Basic Information
Aliases Unknown
Home Findle Castle
Former home(s) Greenville
Gender Male
Race Aasimar
Class Paladin
Patron Nuadun
Date of birth 563 IV
Date of death 146 V
Age 160
Level High
Alignment Lawful Good
Favorite item Unknown

Pahlin Holt was the king of Findle as of year 1 V. Pahlin was raised by servants of the Drakeson family in Greenville and was not made aware of his ancestry and connection to King Alpert Rant of Findle until the last few years of the fourth age. After the Alpert Rant's mysterious disappearance during the battle of Azogun's Folly, The royal family line descendants disappeared, spirited away in secret by the silver dragon Narcelleglar and given the common name Holt to throw off suspicion. At the conclusion of the fourth age, the Unsung Heroesdiscovered confidential documents held by Arundel Shay that traced the kings lineage to Pahlin.

Pahlin was crowned king on 877 IV. This event marked the turn of the new age by Findle reckoning.


Pahlin as a young man.

Pahlin married Arundel Shay's half-elven granddaughter Svana and bore a single son, Artenius Holt. Unfortunately crown prince Artenius and his own son prince Averardus were killed in battle in 143. King Pahlin Holt passed away of old age soon afterwards without crowning another heir. Averardus' twin children were forced to rule as joint monarchs, the prince Roric and princess Lilliana. Each are backed by separate noble families and waiting for the other to secede the royal inheritance.