Basic Information
Aliases Ciloran

Steinthor Drakeson

Cainan Drell

Horn Doreth

Home Tus
Former home(s) Silver Reach
Gender Male
Race Silver Dragon
Class Paladin
Patron Nuadun
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level High
Alignment Lawful Good
Favorite item Unknown

Narcelleglar was a silver dragon that lived in the Fourth and Fifth age. He frequently took human guise and was the progenitor of House Drakeson.

Narcelleglar was raised in the Silver Reach by copper elves but left during his young adulthood. He carried few of their customs into his future life, becoming a devout worshiper of Nuadun after meeting his mate and taking the form of a human for the first time.

He was a player of the dragons Great Game along with his exarch, Tolfdir Shay. Tolfdir's father Arundel Shay managed to subvert the rules of the Great Game to become a player and defeated many dragons, one being Narcelleglar. This was known by history as the Shining Rebellion and resulted in the death of Tolfdir and enslavement of Narcelleglar to Arundel. His silver dragon mate was slain by dark elf mercenaries near the conclusion of the conflict but he was able to hide away many of his mates eggs. Narcelleglar was governor of Tus after the rebellion and was magically bound to serve Arundel Shay until he was released at the end of the Fourth Age.

During his lifetime, Narcelleglar protected Pahlin Holt, by claiming him as his nephew.

Arundel's granddaughter Yggritte fell in love with Narcelleglar's Aasimar form, Steinthor Drakeson and together they many children all taking the name Shay.

During the restoration of the king, Steinthor Drakeson reformed the Shining Blades as the Reborn Order of the Shining Blade and dedicated the new order to protecting the royal bloodline.


Narcelleglar, under the guise of Steinthor Drakeson, founded the Reborn Order of the Shining Blade.