Rilken Sureclaw
Basic Information
Aliases Brother Rilken


Home Traveler
Former home(s) Longcrossing
Gender Male
Race Kenku


Class Paladin


Patron Mortus
Date of birth 141 V
Date of death 158 V

163 V

Age 17 (death)

22 (undead body destroyed)

Level 14
Alignment Lawful Good

Lawful Evil

Favorite item Unknown

Rilken is an especially militant Kenku paladin dedicated to Mortus. He wears the symbol of the Brotherhood of the Raven with pride and is accompanied by his pet raven, ready to send word to the brotherhood at a moments notice. Rilken doesn't talk much about his history but he has a profound respect for all things living. He tends to fluxuate between cheerful and grim at a moments notice and often attempts to lighten the mood with his ability to mimic anyone's voice.

Rilken enjoys finding new things, he is a bit obsessed with small trinkets and doodads, perhaps not of any particular value to others, but they are priceless to him. He is very possessive over these objects and wears them proudly. He wears well worn, but well maintained armour. adorned with dark green cloth from his home village, atop this he wears a long black cloak, small trinkets, bones and bits hanging from necklaces and bracelets, A holy symbol of Mortus clasps his cloak and he keeps another one is wrapped around his wrist.

After falling from paladinhood from striking a deal with the lich, Rilken was obducted by the Funiku Dorobo and tortured to death. Rilken then was raised as a death knight and can not find rest until Fukiku is destroyed permanently.

The epic necromantic energies wielded by Funiku automatically cause Rilken's body to resurrect after a few hours, regardless of how he may have been destroyed. Once the lich is dead, Rilken too will be destroyed as their lives are permanently linked through Funiku's phylactery.

EXP Total

Rilken's signature sword "Roar" was a flametongue longsword bearing the house crest of Blackwell.


Rilken's Flametongue longsword "Roar" once belonged to Terron Blackwell and bears the family's crest.