Session 0

Welcome to the world of Ord.

In your travels you have made may acquaintances, including a halfling archaeologist named London Bucklebough . London always paid well and was generally agreeable so he rarely had enemies. Three months ago you received a package from a halfling courier and a hastily written letter from London;


Salutations friend!

London calling,

I know there has been some trouble with the famine and the recent cold snaps, but I think I have an idea what's going on. I'm sorry to put you in such a position, but I'm in dire straits here. I need you to keep this package hidden for a few weeks. I'll come to you and retrieve it as soon as I can.

I can't let my new employer know what we found here.

P.S. Watch out for the one with the yellowy eyes.

-L. B.


Three months later you receive another letter, this one is written by a scribe working for the Blackwell family. The letter details regarding London's recent passing, and the date of his funeral. You may be from somewhere far away but you find yourself in Findle, traveling to the Halfling town of Crimbury to witness the burial of your friend.

But what about the package?

It is autumn in the year 157V. The king Pahlin Holt has recently passed away after 155 years or ruling. Findle is on the verge of famine after a series of costly skirmishes with Danasia. To the East, the town of Dan's Rest and the Wraith Pine are currently occupied by Danasian forces and to the West, Quisiri merchant companies clash with Copper Elves and Hobgoblins. Thessan to the North remains neutral and offers little support to the struggling Kingdom.